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American Express Incentive Services (AEIS) is here to assist you with reward and recognition programs tailored to help drive business results, build loyalty, and recognize improved performance.
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  • Gift Card
    AEIS pre-paid Cards also referred to as stored value Cards are usually point-based, with one point equal to one dollar in purchasing power. The Cards allow Cardholders to maintain their points and use them through electronic swipe or over-the-phone payment processing.
    AEIS pre-paid Cards are classified as filtered or unfiltered. Only pre-selected and approved merchants can participate and accept filtered Cards in their establishments. Unfiltered Cards are accepted anywhere American Express® Cards are welcome. Because there is no visual distinction between a filtered and unfiltered Card, if you receive a "decline," you should call the toll free number on the back of the Card to determine whether or not it can be used at your establishment.
    First, verify with the customer that the pre-paid Card's available point balance or funds are equal to or greater than the transaction amount. Then swipe the Card through your POS (only once), and indicate "credit" or "charge". You must obtain an authorization from American Express for all pre-paid Card transactions.
    If you receive any messages besides "approved" or "declined", or if you wish to process the transaction offline, call the toll-free number on the back of the Card to request a verbal authorization. The authorization number must be submitted in the offline settlement transaction file that you send to American Express. You can also process a pre-paid Card transaction by entering the 15-digit account number and expiration date, both of which are located on the front of the Card.
    Do not give cash to the customer as change after the pre-paid Card transaction is complete. The remaining funds stay on the Card and may be used for future purchases.
    Although there are various Cards and designs, all Cards will carry the American Express Blue Box logo in the bottom right corner of the Card and will usually have the word "incentive" or "Pre-paid" printed on the right side above the logo.
    If you experience any problems with accepting an American Express branded pre-paid Card, please contact American Express Incentive Services Customer Service at the number listed on the back of the Card.