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PurchaseExpress Premium
Our turnkey and low-cost credit card processing software is designed to meet the needs of merchants who operate in a card-not-present environment such as ecommerce, mail or telephone order.
A user friendly, intuitive interface that is easy to learn and navigate
Robust customizable reporting capabilities for authorizations, settlement, order status and sales status
Support for Level 2 and Level 3 (Line Item Detail) order data
Runs on Local Area Network with access from multiple locations
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How it works
Download and install PurchaseExpress Premium on your local computer to process American Express® Card and bankcard transactions.
Set up recurring orders for billing on an automatic basis.
Import or export Order, Customer, Product or Line Item Detail information to and from other systems.
Level 2 and Level 3 order data allows you to process transactions for your Corporate Purchasing Card clients with Line Item Detail information so your clients can easily track purchases with their cost management systems.