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Prepaid products from American Express®
Learn how to recognize and process Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, Gift Cheques and Travelers Cheques.
About our prepaid products
Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards
Prepaid Card products are swiped like credit cards. They come in a variety of styles and colors with varying logos.
Gift Cheques and Travelers Cheques
Cheque products are used like cash. Each type of Cheque has a specific denomination printed on the front. Cheques that appear in denominations other than what is listed below are fraudulent and should not be accepted.
•   US Dollar Travelers Cheque - $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000
•   US Dollar Cheque for Two - $20, $50, $100
•   US Dollar Gift Cheque - $10, $25, $50, $100
Additional resources
American Express Gift Cards and other prepaid products may be used at gas stations, restaurants, retailers or salons/spas that accept American Express Cards.
Download the Authentication and Authorization flyer for Gift Cheques and Travelers Cheques and keep a copy at your payment counter for reference.
Contact us
For general inquiries:
Call a Customer Service representative at 1-800-528-5200
For authorizations handled directly with American Express:
Contact your American Express Client Manager
For authorizations handled by a third party:
Contact your processor
Processing our prepaid products
Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards
Swipe the Card through the point of sale (POS) as a credit card. Do not use the Prepaid Card button if there is one.
Obtain authorization from American Express and follow the instructions on the POS to complete the transaction.
Return the Card to the customer even if it has a zero balance.
Gift Cheques and Travelers Cheques
Authenticate the Cheque
•  Watch the customer countersign the Cheque and compare the signatures for a reasonable match.
•  Ensure there are no signs of alteration and identify the security thread, watermark and holographic foil.
•  Conduct a smudge test.
Obtain authorization
Email to set up a free account, contact a TeleCheck Payment Solutions or Certegy Check Services representative for details, or call American Express at 1-800-525-7641 (US only).
Complete the transaction
Do not return the Cheque to the customer.
Additional POS features for Prepaid Cards
While no additional work is required to begin accepting our Gift Cards and prepaid products, the implementation of these features can reduce processing time and enhance the customer experience: