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Select the eligible foreign currencies that meet your needs
Multi-Currency Processing. Expand the reach of your business with flexible payment options, single file submission and broad currency coverage that lets you submit charges for payments in 125+ countries and receive settlement in 18 currencies.*
Expand your online business through untapped currencies
Gain greater insight and financial control through 24/7 centralized online account management and reporting
Sell your goods and services to customers who want to pay in their own local currency*
Reduce the challenge of handling payments from around the world by receiving settlements in major currencies*
How It Works
Sign up with an American Express representative and select your preferred submission and settlement currencies.
Begin accepting American Express Card transactions in your selected eligible foreign currencies.*
Submit all your foreign transactions via one single file and receive payment in your selected currencies via your preferred payment method.
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*Some currencies may have restrictions due to local exchange controls and tax and other regulations.