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Fraud prevention from American Express®

Find tools, information and resources that can help minimize the risk of fraud at your business.

Layers of protection

As an American Express merchant, there are a number of steps you can take to help mitigate fraud. Most of our fraud solutions are offered to merchants at no charge and are designed to work together. Each tool you enable will provide another layer of protection for your business and for Card Members.
Has your data been compromised?
If you suspect that information has been compromised by unauthorized access, misuse or loss, please notify us immediately.
See Section 2 of the Data Security Operating Policy (PDF) for details.

Simple ways to help prevent fraud

Verify the security code
Card Identification (CID) Verification helps prevent fraud in Card-not-present transactions and Card-present transactions that must be keyed in.
Request CID
Use your Point of Sale device
Track One can be used in Card-present transactions to detect altered or counterfeit Cards by reading additional data from the magnetic stripe.
Enable the tool

More fraud protection for your business

American Express recommends you use as many tools as are applicable for your business. The more fraud tools you enable, the more protected your business is from fraud.
Call for verification
Charge Verification allows you to call for additional verification on approved transactions over $200.
Rely on match codes
Electronic Verification can be used to verify certain transaction details against our records before you complete an order.
Improve your authorization
Enhanced Authorization leverages our Global Merchants Network to give you an improved authorization result.

A complete fraud prevention solution

Accertify, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Express , is a leading provider of fraud, chargeback and payment gateway solutions. Customers using Accertify solutions have documented significant reductions in their fraud losses and dramatic declines in manual review rates and customer complaints due to fraud.