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Authorized Signer
Representative of your business with the authority to make financial decisions as they relate to your American Express Merchant Account. The authorized signer permits American Express to transfer or withdraw funds electronically to and from your designated bank account. American Express will direct all future correspondence to the attention of the authorized signer.

Bank Routing Number
The Bank Routing number is a 3 digit number located at the bottom of your cheque. The route number immediately follows the transit number. This number identifies your financial institution.

Bank Transit Number
A 5 digit number used to identify your bank branch. This number is the second group of numbers at the bottom of your cheque immediately following the physical cheque number.

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Bank Account Number
The bank account number is the business bank account where you would like Amex to deposit payments. Your account number is located on the bottom right hand side of your cheque next to the bank route number.

Corporate Name
This refers to your legal business or company name. For example, JOAN SMITH, Inc. is the Corporate Name (Doing Business As: Joan's Bargain Store).

Contact Name
The name of the individual authorized to give or verify information in relation to your American Express Merchant Account.

Discount Rate
The percentage American Express deducts from each American Express Card transaction. American Express subtracts the discount rate from payments to your designated business bank account. If a customer spends $100 on the American Express Card and your discount rate is 3.5%, American Express will retain $3.50 and deposit $96.50 into your business bank account.

Doing Business As (DBA)
The operating name of your establishment. For example, Joan's Bargain Store is the DBA (Corporate Name : JOAN SMITH, Inc.)

Email Address
The electronic mail address used by your business for correspondence. This address is usually in the format:

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Online Merchant Services (OMS)
OMS is a free online service that lets you manage your account more effectively. Convenient and secure, OMS will allow you to view and print your account statement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, confirm your submissions, see when you're getting paid, receive automatic dispute notifications by email, update account information,manage multiple locations and eliminate the need for paper statements.

Ownership Type
Business is defined as a corporation, partnership, limited partnership or sole proprietorship.

Pre-authorized Debit Agreement (PAD)
Authorization by the applicant allowing Amex Bank of Canada to debit your account for amounts owing, pursuant to the Card Acceptance Agreement.

Point-of-Sale Device/System
Electronic system that allows a business to authorize and settle (batch) American Express and bankcard charge, debit, and credit-card transactions. The most common point-of-sale device is a terminal that allows a merchant or customer to swipe a credit-card at the point-of-sale.

Standard Industry Code (SIC)
A standard 4-digit number which is a government-defined Industry Code that identifies the establishment's type of business.

Web site address
Describes the web site address for a document on the Internet (e.g.

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