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Industry Partnerships

American Express partners with industry associations to support businesses that accept our Cards.

The benefits of American Express managed industry initiatives1
Reaching high spending Card Members who spend in specific industries, bringing relevant offers and encouraging spend.
Partnering with key industry partners to further promote your business to a wider audience and increase spend.
Opportunities in the Dining industry
Restaurants experience a range of diverse challenges. Our solutions can help you understand the local market, maximise your business performance and better cater to your customers.
Understand and track industry performance over time with our Dining IQ reports.
Assess your competitive environment with a Competitive Benchmarking Analysis.
Use our Best Customer Analysis to find highest spending customers and find others like them.
Track and compare store performance with our Retail IQ reports.
Identify your best customers with the Best Customer Analysis.
Ready to start accepting?
Ready to start accepting?
1 Please note: May only be available for specific Merchants. May be dependent on individual campaign Terms and Conditions. Fees may apply.