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Business Insights

American Express Business Insights uses its wealth of global spend information to reveal powerful intelligence about your customers, competitors and marketplace.

Understanding your Customers through data

Whether you are looking to make the most of your marketing dollars or seeking new growth opportunities for your business, American Express Business Insights offers a broad suite of actionable intelligence solutions that can be used to support your critical business decisions.
Learn more about the spending and lifestyle habits of your best, lapsed, local and international customers.
Gain insight into your competitive position and trends affecting your industry to inform your business planning and strategy.
Use our partnership and site performance analysis capability to inform and optimize your marketing, channel, ranging and location strategy
Opportunities in the Dining industry
Restaurants experience a range of diverse challenges. Our solutions can help you understand the local market, maximise your business performance and better cater to your customers.
Understand and track industry performance over time with our Dining IQ reports.
Assess your competitive environment with a Competitive Benchmarking Analysis.
Use our Best Customer Analysis to find highest spending customers and find others like them.
Track and compare store performance with our Retail IQ reports.
Identify your best customers with the Best Customer Analysis.
Use Lapsed Customer Analysis to find the drivers of lost business.
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Ready to start accepting?